Tent Camping Top 10

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June 9, 2012
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Tent Camping Top 10

1.  If you are the only person, amongst hundreds of RVs and campers, camping in a tent… are you poor or just stupid?

2. Refer to The Poopy Dance blog post. Don’t bring that child!

3. When planning dinner… account for the 20-25 minutes it takes for a 4 year old to roast a hot dog.

4. When the directions tell you to attach legs to the Coleman Propane grill, don’t think they are optional.  (I am negative one plastic melted tablecloth and half the hair on my left arm.)

5. Before you try to explain the mating rituals of fireflys to a 4 and 5 year old….don’t!

6. A guy line serves no other purpose than to trip people, over and over again.

7. Yellow tent poles go in the yellow sleeves, not blue, duh.

8. Expect to sleep in the car when you have three young children and it drops below 50 degrees.

9. Inflatable pillows are a dumb idea.

10. Camping is a great way to have fun as a family.

Cyle Young
Cyle Young
Cyle a binge writer, pastor, and cinnamon roll savant. He spends his day devising how to make the world a better place through the Gospel of Jesus and creating fantastic adventure for his fantasy characters in The Last Waveson novels. He is co-creator of All Out Sports and an avid indoorsman. :) He likes air conditioning more than fleas, ticks, or wasps.


  1. Kellie Brockway says:

    Still have the yellow and blue thing goin’ huh? !! These were great! Thanks for the Top 10!!!!

  2. splattmando says:

    Awesome. Remember, if confronted by a bear, you don’t have to out run the bear, just out run the other people around you.

  3. We still camp in tents and love it! We have never tried inflatable pillows but an air mattress is a MUST!

  4. Cyle Young says:

    Stephanie, the air mattress gets really cold at 47 degrees.

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