Free Retreat for Pastors/Missionaries

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April 1, 2013
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April 13, 2013

Free Retreat for Pastors/Missionaries

joshua placeJoshua Place Celebrates its First Anniversary!!

(Cue spontaneous applause and wild jubilation)

First of all, a hearty thank you for your stay at The Joshua Place last year. In so doing, you helped fulfill our mission, which is to provide a haven of rest and relaxation for Christian leaders and their families.

We happily celebrated our first-year anniversary this January. In our inaugural year we welcomed twenty-five guests–missionaries, church leaders and pastors–from the northeast Ohio region and as far away as North Carolina! All who stayed expressed their sincere gratitude for the chance to relax, restore, and renew in such warm, tranquil surroundings.

We are currently accepting reservations for 2013 and offer you the opportunity to return for a second visit. Our doors will stay open and the lights on as long as God sends us guests to bless and serve.

We rely on referrals, visitors, and donations to fulfill this ministry. So please tell others about us and feel free to forward this email and our website ( to pastors, missionaries and leaders of faith-based non-profit Christian organizations. Our goal is to book The Joshua Place for __ weeks in 2013. Help us accomplish this!

We hope you will join us again, and spread the word about us. Blessings on you and your service to Christ and His Kingdom.


Jessica Wallbrown & The Joshua Place Board of Directors Executive Director

1174 Watson Rd ! Deerfield OH 44411 ! 330.217.5884

Our Mission
To provide a lakeside retreat to non-profit faith based leaders and their families to restore, relax, renew.

To offer support, encouragement and strength through confidential counseling and compassionate care. 

Cyle Young
Cyle Young
Cyle a binge writer, pastor, and cinnamon roll savant. He spends his day devising how to make the world a better place through the Gospel of Jesus and creating fantastic adventure for his fantasy characters in The Last Waveson novels. He is co-creator of All Out Sports and an avid indoorsman. :) He likes air conditioning more than fleas, ticks, or wasps.

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