“10 Commandments From a Hollywood Producer”

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May 27, 2014
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May 30, 2014

“10 Commandments From a Hollywood Producer”


When Calls the Heart

Do you know Janette Oke’s “When Calls the Heart” series on the Hallmark Channel? Last week I met the show’s creator and executive producer, Brian Bird. We were at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

I had supper at his table one night. God has called this humble man to serve as a Christian writer and producer in Hollywood.

In his keynote address, Brian Bird shared his “thou shalt” list for those whowrite, speak, and teach for Jesus.

I summarized his remarks below.

Brian Bird’s 10 Commandments

Thou shalt…

1. …know why before you figure out how.

Whatever your calling, strive to be the Michelangelo of your field. Be your best at whatever God calls you to do.

2. …speaketh a language they understandeth.

Christian jargon confuses the masses. Call it a handshake, not the right hand of fellowship.

3. …be in the business of loving people.

God hasn’t given up on those around us who don’t share our values.

4. …be part of the… (Find out more at http://davidbrannock.blogspot.com/2014/05/10-commandments-from-hollywood-producer.html#more)

Cyle Young
Cyle Young
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