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June 1, 2014
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June 3, 2014

Binge Writer


I am a binge writer.

I always have been, and I probably always will be.

What is a binge writer you ask?

A binge writer is an author who indulges in writing for a brief period of time. Often followed by extended periods of an absence of writing.

For me, I can write 10,000-15,000 words a day typing at 25 words per minute. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I am a terrible typist. I am actively working to get my words per minute count higher. Mainly because I want to have more output during my writing binges.

This year I wrote a 70,000 word novel in about 70 hours. It was a fun experience for me, but once I finished I had to get back to reality. I didn’t write again for an entire month. ¬†I also entered 13 writing contests after taking a weeks vacation to write. I wrote a ton that week. After I entered the final contest, I didn’t write again for a month.

I would like to say that I do this on purpose, but I don’t. It’s my personality.

God wired me this way.

I have tried to write a 1,000 words a day and I last about three days. I am not wired to be that consistent. But I can sit down and write a ton of words in a short amount of time.

Maybe you are like me, maybe not.

In my periods of non-writing, I study, I read, and I enjoy life. All of these things help make me a better writer.

I use what I learn to improve my writing and to help increase my productivity when I do finally sit down and write.

So… This blog is dedicated to Binge Writers or to those of you who want to use some of my Binge Writing techniques to increase your own writing output.

I will discuss writing software, apps, websites, writing techniques, procrastination, writer’s block, and many more. Hopefully these posts will help you meet deadlines, increase word count, and become the best writer you can be.

Any ideas on post topics?

Cyle Young
Cyle Young
Cyle a binge writer, pastor, and cinnamon roll savant. He spends his day devising how to make the world a better place through the Gospel of Jesus and creating fantastic adventure for his fantasy characters in The Last Waveson novels. He is co-creator of All Out Sports and an avid indoorsman. :) He likes air conditioning more than fleas, ticks, or wasps.


  1. mary S. says:

    Just read this, and THANK YOU!! Love the term “binge writing”. I’m encouraged to write my way, at my pace, and to not feel guilty if I don’t write for a short time. More importantly, I’m encouraged to be me. Now, if I can just figure out who that is :-).
    Blessings, Cyle!

  2. I wondered whether you use an outline when you “binge write.” I found with my last book, that sitting down and feeling “inspired” wasn’t quite enough. I was able to write some good material, but for some of my devotions, I had to go back and make an outline. So do you use one?

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